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Accounts Receivable: 6 Ways to Free Up Cash and Strengthen Working Capital

Automating A/R process will reduce inefficiencies. Similarly, A/R automation will eliminate manual data entry errors and reduce transaction time. Key performance indicators (KPIs) and defined capital metrics are also important. Learn how you can free up cash flow and strengthen working capital.

4 Reasons You're Failing to get Paid

We want to be paid today and put that cash to work immediately. Waiting for checks to be mailed, received, then processed or similarly, processing through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) can take time, tying up your receivables and kills your balance sheet.

3 Accounts Receivable Realities

Inefficient Accounts Receivable given the cost of capital, increases payment-processing fees, increases Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and the potential of bad debt. Bad debt is the final straw of a painful customer transaction meaning; your company will never collect that revenue.

4 Initiatives for 2018's Most Influential CFOs

According to a detailed three-part survey of CFOs conducted by Ernst and Young*, CFO's feel now, more than ever before that there are four different initiatives or tasks they must perform in order to be effective. The importance of each of these four had become a higher priority compared to just three years earlier.

Video Blog: Transforming the Financial Process without "The Dreaded Trifecta"

Transforming financial processes doesn't mean enlisting the dreaded trifecta CapX,Consultant,Long Project. Watch, learn how to shift paradigms without them!

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